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Kerry Coates BSc (Podiatric Medicine)


Mike Coates D.Pod.M.,PGCert, (Biomechanics)


I had suffered with verrucas for years. Not just one or two but many, all in clusters. They never cleared up, and more just kept appearing. They were uncomfortable and unsightly, and kept cracking. I had seen my G.P, a consultant dermatologist and a chiropodist but no one could get rid of the verrucas. I felt that none of them were really getting to the crux of the problem. And then I went to see Kerry. I immediately felt confident in her treatment and her holistic approach to the problem. She tackled the verrucas head on and supported me to deal with the problem. I am now verruca free for the first time in years. I cannot thank Kerry enough andI would highly recommend her.

Thank you so much for the excellent care you have given me (and my left f0ot) over the last few weeks. Also for all the care over the last twenty years.


Initial assessment £35        

Follow up appointments £25 – £35

Cryotherapy (freezing) £65            

Biomechanical assessment £120  

Muskuloskeletal follow up £45

Lacuna, (fungal nail treatment) £75

Nail reconstruction £75

Nail surgery  £250/toe            

Home Visits

If you require a home visit call Kerry on  07532492499


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Chiropody / Podiatry

In the U.K. Podiatrist is the new name for Chiropodist. The name was changed in 1993 and now the terms Podiatry and Chiropody are protected by law.

Podiatry is a constantly evolving profession. Extensive training over a 3 year full-time course and continued professional development after graduation, enable podiatrists to treat a wider variety of foot and lower limb problems.


Both Mike and Kerry are registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (hcpc) and are members of the College of Podiatry. Both are committed to continued professional development, building on established practices and providing innovative evidence-based treatments for our clients.

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Home Visits

If you require a home visit call Kerry on  07532492499