High Risk Feet


Specialist foot screening, for people with diabetes (and other high risk feet).

Over and above the standard assessments we undertake for all of our patients, we provide in depth vascular, neurological and plantar pressure screening for those people who have compromised circulation or who have reduced or altered sensation in their feet.

We use an electronic stethoscope, called a doppler to assess the quality of blood supply to the lower leg and feet. We can also use this instrument to pick up irregular heart beats ( Arrhythmia).

To assess nerve sensation we use a 10g Monofilament and a special device to measure vibration perception.

Plantar pressure is assessed using an Am3 pressure mat which displays the results on a computer screen. This can be used along with a thorough examination of the feet to predict high pressure spots on the feet which may be vulnerable to injury and if necessary to help in the design of a bespoke insole to reduce pressure in vulnerable areas.